Meet Stephanie - Mom from Bronx who wears her "Mamma Tattoos" with pride!

Meet Stephanie - Mom from Bronx who wears her "Mamma Tattoos" with pride!

Hello Mommies!

I am so happy to introduce to you our next Empowering Mom: Stephanie. Mom from Bronx who shares with you how having kids changed her confidence. She also warns you to not pay to much attention to society's opinions when you become a mom.

Empowering Mom

Hello Stephanie. First of all I hope that you and your family is safe in these challenging times.

Yes, thank you. We have been keeping safe by minimizing group gatherings, staying 6 feet apart from other people, and keeping our masks on.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you become a mom and how old is your kid/s.

My name is Stephanie and I am a mom of two. I am born and raised in Bronx, New York. Yes, the Bronx lol. Despite all the bad news of the Bronx, I am proud of my roots. To me, the Bronx shaped me to be the person and mom I am today. I am hardworking and just have the get it done attitude yet patient enough to know that with perseverance anything is possible. I became a mom at 29 after 2 years of marriage. My first blessing, Nikolas, is 4 and my second blessing, Daisy, is 1 year old.

Are you a stay at home mom or are you pursuing your career or passion? Tell us more about what you do?

I am a full-time mom working as a project specialist at an electric distribution company. I don't feel like I am pursuing my passion but hey it pays the bills. I am content where I am since I don't let my job/career define me. I live my passion with my kids. As a mom, I get to be a little of everything a teacher, photographer, nurse, etc.

How would you compare your old self (prior to having kids) to the present self? Let us know what is the biggest thing that your kid/s changed about you?

My old self was OCD on organization and my new self just lets it go at times and says things don't have to be perfect all the time. The biggest thing my kids changed about me is my energy and my confidence. It's the weirdest thing they make me feel the most exhausted yet the most strong and energetic. After having Daisy and Nikolas I have learned that a little extra stomach fat and stretch mark doesn't hurt anyone. Honestly, I see it as a natural momma tattoo so I wear it with pride.

 empowering mom

What is the 1 thing (or more) that you wish someone would have told you about parenthood before you had kids?

I wish they would have told me:

  1.  You have no idea what you getting into, so are you really ready.
  2.  After you have one you going to want two and some days you may want 3 lol
  3.  Sleep sleep sleep cuz you will never sleep like a baby again.
  4.  It is hard hard work but you will feel the proudest.
  5.  Time indeed flies so record your journey. Take pictures, videos, journal entry the good and bad days.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of being a mother in today's world?

The biggest challenge of being a mother today are people's opinions. Society makes you feel like you need every item on the registry when only the basics are needed. Society makes you think breastfeeding is the best way to go when any way goes. People's opinions can put a drain on many. Some don't know how their unwanted opinion is just their way of thinking and no one cares or ask for it. 

What is the best memory that you have with your kid/s so far?

The best memory I have of my kids is when they smile together. It makes me feel like I gave them the best gift ever which is each other. I have an older sister, two years older so I know the value of having a sibling. It's having a lifetime friend where you feel any other friends are just extra.

List 3 things that were really useful and made your life easier during your babies' 1st year. Recommend other pregnant moms what they should have on their registry.

  1. GB Pockit plus Travel stroller is so convenient for traveling and also to put int the car trunk for quick errands.
  2. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini, is a must. It's comfortable  for quick on the go. 
  3. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is a must for pureeing food for baby. 

Please tell your best advice for the first time mom who is expecting but doesn't know what to expect.

My best advice is to do what suits you. There is no manual guide to motherhood and doing what makes you happy is the best guide. Every day you will learn something new and today will be better than yesterday. Patience is key. Tell yourself you did enough today and you rock.

Thank you so much for all your precious advice. I hope you and your family stay safe and well.

Thank you.


Please leave comments below telling us what inspired you the most in Stephanie's story. Check Stephanie's Instagram @sweetsteph814 to connect and support each other!

Lets take a look at the milestone pictures of Stephanie's sweet daughter Daisy. Aren't they precious?




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